Discover your voice

Whether you've recently connected with your love of writing or if you've been prolific for years, there are always opportunities to learn and grow.

Your "voice" is unique and what readers remember. It's why certain authors become favorites: readers connect to the way they tell a story.

Don't expect your writing voice to be defined overnight, but know that if you continue to find ways to challenge yourself, appreciate works of writers you admire, that unique voice and style will form.

Nurture your dreams

Like many writers, you may have a day job and long for more time to work on your novel, story, poetry or other projects. We offer opportunities that will encourage these possibilities. Keep dreaming and know we'll support you in making your writing wishes come true.


Every Wednesday is a night for writers to connect with their peers through classes, open mics, roundtable discussions and more. We meet at the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center and 706 2nd St. N. in downtown Safety Harbor.

Come and connect to people who share your interests!