About us

Our mission

Laura moved to Safety Harbor in 2008 after living in Tacoma, Washington for many years. She missed her writers group and tried to find one close to her. But back then, there were only a few in the Bay Area. She posted a note on a bulletin board in a cafe downtown and people came! Since then, there have been hundreds of open mic nights, two writers conferences, classes, and so much more. Laura is the co-author of A Brief History of Safety Harbor, Florida. She currently hosts events for children and adults at the Safety Harbor Art & Music Center most Wednesday evenings. 

Our Community of Writers

Writers are everywhere and we love it! Whether you're from Safety Harbor, or somewhere in driving distance, we welcome you. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and nurture one another and each other's goals.

Inspiration is everywhere

We are constantly adding new events and offering exciting opportunities to writers and poets. We have recently started a kids' writing club that meets every month.